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Here are some more pics...


 This is Tiger. He's the man.


This is me and my brother when we went
to visit him at college. Now he lives in an asylum.
Hoperfully, after a few more years of shock therapy and
lobotomies, he will stop drooling enough to come home.

This is me and my 3 year
old baby boy, Johnny Ringo
(go see Tombstone). He's a mental case.


This is me at the all time coolest place in the world,
the Appalachian Trail Conference in Harpers Ferry, WV.

This is me and my boyfriend.
Isn't he a hottie?

This is practially the entire Mill Rift Fire Department.
We're at the firemen's parade over the summer.
This is our new fire truck. Ain't it pretty? I think so.

These pics are all from a road trip that I went on
and I decided to take pictures of stupid stuff...

This is just Gatorade...don't ask why I took
a picture of it. Although I do live on it.

This is A. Jay Popoff.  I saw him in
concert a year ago and he took his clothes off.

Once again, don't ask why I took a pic of this.



This is the car that was in front of us in
Marshalls Creek.

Ok, that's interesting. This is a church. Why there
are people dancing on the side of it is beyond me.

More beer!

Cows! Like I don't get to see them every other
day of my life.

What did you say!? Dude, don't run them over.

 Run them over!!! They're retarded.

Yeah...this is good.

Hungry? I'm not.

Ok, now this was just hilarious. This dude looked at me JUST
IN TIME when I took his pic out the window on the road. God,
I wonder what he was thinking.

She was looking at her watch.

What does this mean? Men don't work.
It's a lie. One BIG lie.

Oh, sorry. I thought that meant the beer.

Ok now, the one on the left is my grandma and the
middle is my mom. The moody kid is an Amish dude
selling peaches and corn and stuff. He is always in a
pissy mood.

More cows.

Hey, it was there, I had to take a picture of it.

Those are my shoes. Once again, don't ask.
That's how bored I was.

This is funny. He looks like he's dancing with his cane.

Self explainatory.

This was in front of us on the road.

Roadkill!!!! This was the best pic that I took.

I want one.

Berwick...that's where Homer Simpson works.

People are retarded. If I lived in the middle of town
I would not hang my underwear out so everyone
can see them.

This is the coolest diner in the world. It's called
the Yankee Doodle Diner. I've never eaten there,
but come on, it's got to be cool.