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My Friends

Kelley, Tonya, and me....and don't I look so thrilled?

This is Bill and Corie...trying to look cool

Me and Steve, I look like a retard


                                                               This is the darling Brit, Mike. Don't mind
                                                                         him, he ain't right in the head

This is Brian and Matt at Bri's wedding. Is he gonna kiss him??
Awww, how cute...he's singing him a song

This is TJ trying to look cool...
and failing miserably

Here he is again...
the darling Brit, Mike

WOW is the only word to sum this up.


This is Jean and Ashley, they wanted to be on                   This is Antoinette and some other girl that
    my site so they could feel special too.                                                       I don't know.

This is me and the famous Frank Bozak...
He has his own fan club.

         Lianna and Jay...lovers.                                                         Kelley and Lianna in our famous 5th
                                                                                                           period study hall our freshman year.

This is me and Chris...even though he
doesn't really look too happy, he still loves me.

Steve and his muscle...and yes, it is real,
he's not pushing it up with his other hand.